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  • In Indian weddings, Delhi is like a special place where people make big celebrations happen.
  • This guide talks about the best wedding planners in Delhi, the ones who are experts at creating weddings that are even better than what you expect.
  • It’s like going on a journey of style and class, where everything is carefully chosen, every moment is perfectly planned, and every memory is remembered forever.

A wedding planner helps couples organize and carry out their weddings. They team up with the couple to know what they want and then make a plan to make it real. Wedding planners do many jobs, like:


  • Making a budget and schedule: Wedding planners can aid couples in figuring out how much they can spend on their wedding and creating a plan for getting everything ready on time.


  • Choosing a place: Wedding planners can assist couples in discovering and booking a location that fits what they want and can afford. They can also work with the place to make sure all the needed permissions and insurance are sorted out.


  • Getting suppliers sorted: Wedding planners can aid couples in discovering and hiring helpers for everything in their wedding, like food people, picture-takers, flower people, and party folks. They can also talk to the helpers and work out deals for the couple.


  • Creating decor and style: Wedding planners can assist couples in coming up with a matching design for their wedding, including colors, decorations, and lights. They can also find and buy all the needed decoration stuff.


  • Help on the wedding day: Wedding planners are present on the day of the wedding to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They work with all the helpers, keep track of the schedule, and deal with any issues that pop up.


  • Making wedding cards and invites: Wedding planners can assist couples in creating and getting wedding cards, like invitations, save-the-dates, and thank-you notes.


  • Getting wedding outfits: Wedding planners can assist couples in discovering and buying wedding clothes, like dresses, suits, and accessories.


  • Sorting out wedding travel: Wedding planners can assist couples in arranging travel for their guests.


  • Pre-wedding events celebrations: Wedding planners can assist couples in organizing and making events before the wedding, like engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

  • Emotional Support: Planning a wedding can be tough for couples. Wedding planners can give emotional support and advice, keeping couples relaxed, on track, and positive. They can also assist couples in working out any disagreements that may arise during the planning process.

How much do wedding planners charge In Delhi?


How much you spend on a wedding planner in Delhi can change based on a few things, like how much experience they have, how well-known they are, how big and complicated the wedding is, and what services you need. Generally, you might pay around Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000 or even more for full-service wedding planning in Delhi.

Here’s a breakdown of the usual expenses linked to getting a wedding planner in Delhi:


  • All-in-one planning: This is the most complete wedding planning package, covering everything from picking a place and dealing with helpers to handling things on the wedding day. Usually, the cost for all-in-one planning is around Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000 or even more.

  • Limited assistance planning: This package is good if you’ve got some of the wedding planning done but need assistance with certain parts, like picking helpers or handling things on the day of the wedding. Usually, the cost for this kind of help is around Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000.

  • Last-minute help: This is the simplest kind of wedding planning package, usually covering only the day of the wedding. Usually, the cost for last-minute help is around Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 2,00,000.


Besides the main cost, wedding planners in Delhi might ask for extra money for travel, staying overnight, and other things. Before hiring a wedding planner, make sure you understand all of the fees.


Here are some other things that can change how much it costs to get a wedding planner in Delhi:


    • Experience: Planners with more experience usually ask for more money compared to those with less experience.
  • Popularity: If lots of people want a planner, they might ask for more money compared to planners who aren’t as popular.
  • How big and complicated the wedding is: If the wedding is big and has a lot of details, it usually takes more time and effort to plan, so the fees might be higher.
  • The services you need: If you want extra things like special decorations or entertainment, the cost will be higher.


How to choose the Right wedding planner for You?


When looking for the right wedding planner, think about these important things:


A really good wedding planner knows a lot and has done many weddings. They can predict problems, come up with creative solutions, and make sure everything goes well when planning.


A good wedding planner pays close attention to small things. They make sure everything, like decorations and food, is done perfectly without missing anything.


 A good wedding planner should be creative and have a strong sense of design.They can transform your ideas into a stunning setting that complements your style.

  • Expense Supervision –

A good wedding planner is financially savvy. They make sure your wedding stays within your budget, only spending on things that really matter, so your dream wedding is affordable for you.

  • Social Abilities and Interacting Skills – 

A good wedding planner is like a middle person who talks to you, your family, and the people helping with the wedding. They should be really good at talking, understand what you want, make plans that work, and be open and honest throughout the planning.


Find out what couples who worked with the wedding planner think. If they share positive experiences and recommend the planner, it can give you confidence in your decision and tell you how the planner works and communicates.

  • Complete Help –

A good wedding planner should help with everything for your wedding—picking a place, food, decorations, fun stuff, handling guests, and more. This simplifies planning and ensures that everything comes together smoothly on the big day.

  • Work Ethic and Trustworthiness – 

A good wedding planner is organized, manages time well, and communicates properly. They should answer your questions, deal with any problems quickly, and keep you updated while planning.


What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?


A wedding planner and a wedding coordinator both do important jobs to make sure weddings go well and are remembered, but what they do and how much they do in planning is quite different.




A wedding planner is like the captain of the whole wedding operation, handling everything from thinking up ideas to making sure all the helpers are on the same page. They guide the whole journey from the start to the finish.


Key roles for a wedding planner include:

  • Imagining and planning: Figuring out how the wedding should feel and what it should look like.
  • Budget Management: Making a detailed money plan and making sure everything stays within the set limits.
  • Researching and choosing service providers: Checking out and choosing the right helpers for everything in the wedding, like food, decorations, pictures, and fun stuff.
  • Time management: Making and keeping track of a detailed schedule for everything leading up to the wedding and on the actual day.



A wedding coordinator mainly works on making sure everything goes perfectly on the wedding day. They’re like the go-to person at the venue, making sure everything happens as planned and runs smoothly on time.


Key roles for a wedding coordinator include:


    • Handling things on the wedding day: Making sure everything goes as planned, sticking to the schedule, and fixing any last-minute issues.
    • Working with all the helpers: Making sure they show up on time, set up correctly, and do their job according to the plans we agreed on.
  • Finding and Choosing Service Providers: Looking for and picking the right helpers for everything in the wedding, like food, decorations, pictures, and entertainment.
  • Taking care of the couple: Handling any requests or worries the couple has on the wedding day, making sure they can chill out and have a good time at the party.

    As couples head towards happily ever after, the wedding world keeps changing to match what brides and grooms like. Here’s a peek at the latest wedding fashions that will be important in 2023:


      • Being Earth-friendly: Couples who care about the environment are choosing eco-friendly things for their weddings. This means using recycled or easily broken down materials for decorations, invitations, and gifts, getting food and flowers from nearby places, and picking venues that also care about the planet.
      • Small and Special Celebrations: More and more couples are choosing tiny and personal ceremonies. They want fewer people so they can really connect with their close ones. These ceremonies often have special readings, personal promises, and unique traditions that show who the couple really is.
    • Wedding Hashtags: Nowadays, social media is a big part of weddings, and using wedding hashtags is a fun way to link guests and share memories. Smart and easy-to-remember hashtags get guests to add their pictures and videos, making a special online album of the party.
    • Matching Dresses for Bridesmaids: Even though having different dresses for bridesmaids was popular recently, in 2023, more brides are going for a coordinated look. They pick colours that go well together and similar styles, making the bridal party look nice and organized.
    • Special Kaleeras: Indian brides love the lively tradition of wearing kaleeras, fancy jewellery for the hands. These eye-catching pieces are getting more detailed and personal, adding family treasures, symbols that mean a lot, and colourful decorations.
    • Fun Experiences: Couples are adding special experiences to their weddings, bringing in surprises and ways to get involved. This might mean photo booths where you can do things, live shows, drinks made just for you, or even small games that get guests talking and having fun.


    The Responsibilities of a Wedding Planner.


    A wedding planner is really important in making sure a couple’s dream wedding happens. They team up with the bride and groom to grasp what they want, like, and can afford. After that, they carefully organize and make every part of the event.


    Pre-Wedding Responsibilities

    • Communicate with the couple: The planner has first meetings with the couple to talk about what they want, like, and can spend. They get details about the theme, look, place, guest list, and overall feel of the wedding.
      • Supplier coordination: The planner looks for, picks, and makes deals with different helpers like food people,picture-takers, video-makers, flower people, decoration experts, party people, and ceremony leaders. They talk about deals, make sure the helpers are free, and handle the money stuff.
    • Venue picking: The planner helps choose the right place for the wedding, taking into account what the couple wants, likes, and can afford. They think about things like how many people it can hold if it’s easy to get to, what extras it has, and if it fits the wedding style.
    • Planning the timeline: The planner makes a detailed schedule that shows what happens on the wedding day, from the ceremony to the party and any extra things. They think about when everything should happen when the helpers show up, and how things move from one part to the next.
    • Expense handling: The planner makes a detailed money plan that includes all the expected costs, like the place, food, decorations, clothes, pictures, and fun stuff. They keep an eye on spending, make sure it sticks to the plan, and give advice on saving money.

    Day-of responsibilities

    • Communicating with vendors: The planner is the main person vendors talk to, making sure everyone understands each other and works together well. They handle any worries the vendors have, fix problems that come up, and keep everything going smoothly.
    • Resolving issues: The planner thinks ahead and deals with possible issues on the wedding day. They stay calm and figure out clever solutions if anything goes wrong.
    • Timeline implementation: The planner keeps a close eye on the schedule, making sure things go as planned. They make changes if necessary, deal with unexpected delays, and tell the couple about any adjustments.
    • Coordinating the guests: The planner helps with taking care of the guests, making sure they’re comfortable and having a good time. They figure out where everyone sits, answer questions from guests, and deal with any issues involving the guests.
    • Complete coordination: The planner keeps an eye on everything happening at the wedding, making sure it all goes well. They manage the activities, work with helpers and staff, and make sure the couple’s dream happens just like they wanted.

    Misconceptions and doubts about wedding coordinators


    People usually show wedding planners as fancy experts who plan big, fancy weddings for wealthy and famous folks. While there’s some truth to this idea, there are also many wrong ideas about wedding planners that might stop couples from getting one. Let’s talk about these worries and misunderstandings to show how valuable wedding planners are.


    Misconception 1: Wedding planners are only for rich couples.


    Fact: Wedding planners work with different budgets and provide various options to fit different needs. Many couples opt for partial planning, such as help on the wedding day, to reduce stress and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


    Misconception 3: I can plan my wedding myself using Pinterest and online resources.


    Fact: Even though online ideas and info can help, they don’t have the know-how and experience of a skilled wedding planner. Planners know a lot about weddings, have good connections with vendors and can solve problems to make sure everything goes well.


    Misconception 4: Wedding coordinators are only fancy event organizers.


    Fact: Planning a wedding involves much more than just the party. Planners handle every little thing, from deciding how to spend money and talking to vendors to picking the place, designing decorations, and making sure everything happens on time. They look after the whole process, making sure the wedding is well-organized and goes smoothly.


    Misconception 5: Wedding coordinators are costly and don’t provide enough value for the money.


    Fact: Spending money on a wedding planner is usually a good deal because it saves time, lowers stress, and gives a lot of peace of mind. Planners can stop couples from making expensive errors, bargain for better prices with vendors, and use the budget wisely.


    What are some suggestions for selecting a wedding location?


    Picking where you’ll have your wedding is a super important choice. The place decides how your whole celebration feels and becomes the background for your special memories. To help you with this exciting but kinda scary job, here are some really important tips for finding the right wedding spot:


    • Begin Early: Start looking for your wedding spot as soon as you can, preferably 12-18 months before your big day. Places that many people like get reserved fast, especially in busy times. Planning early gives you lots of time to check out choices, compare costs, and make sure you get the place you want.
    • Decide Budget: Figure out how much money you have for your whole wedding and set aside a certain amount just for the place. This makes it easier to choose and stops you from spending too much. Remember all the things you have to pay for, like the place, food, stuff you rent, and decorations.
    • Number of Guests: Guess how many people will come to make sure the place is big enough. Too much space can make it feel lonely, but too little can make it too crowded and not comfy.
    • Pick a Handy Spot:Think about how easy it isfor your guests to get to the place. If a large number of people are traveling from afar, choose a location close to transportation or lodging.
    • Match Your Dream: Choose a place that goes well with how you want your wedding to look and feel. A country barn might not fit a fancy party, and a modern hall might not go with a vintage-style wedding.
    • See for Yourself: Plan trips to places you might use for your wedding to get a real sense of what it’s like. Imagine how your wedding will happen in each spot and think about how your decorations and setup will look.
    • Ask About Rules: Look into what the place says about things like noise, how much you can drink, what kind of decorations you can use, if you can bring your helpers, and if there are extra charges for going overtime.
    • Get Money Details: Find out exactly how much the place costs by asking for a list of all the charges, like how much it is to rent, the least you have to spend on food, extra fees for service, and any other costs.
    • Read Agreements Carefully: Before you put your name on any papers, take a good look at what they say. Read all the rules, including when you can cancel, who is responsible if something goes wrong, and when you have to pay.
    • Get Suggestions: Talk to friends, family, and people who work in weddings to see if they know good places. They may have useful recommendations for places that match your preferences and budget.




    This article has looked closely at how to choose the Best wedding planner in Delhi, giving you the info you need to make a smart choice that matches what you want. By thinking about the things talked about in this article, you can easily find a perfect wedding planner in Delhi for you who is both professional and passionate, making sure your wedding is a happy memory for a long time.

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    Common Questions


     When picking a wedding organiser in Delhi, it’s crucial to think about the following things:

    1. Experience
    2. Services
    3. Budget
    4. Communication
    5. Style
    1. Ask for recommendations
    2. Do your research
    3. Attend wedding fairs

     Here are some things to be careful about when picking a wedding organiser:

    1. The planner doesn’t give clear prices.
    2. The planner won’t give you names of people who liked their work.
    3. The planner doesn’t answer your emails or calls.
    4. The planner is too pushy and wants you to decide quickly.
    5. The planner’s way of doing things doesn’t match how you want your wedding to be.

     To make the most of your wedding coordinator, make sure to:

    1. Share your ideas clearly
    2. Stay neat and tidy
    3. Believe in your planner
    4. Be ready to change
    5. Have fun along the way

    It’s best to get a wedding planner in Delhi about a year to a year and a half before your wedding. But, if you need to, you can hire one as close as 6 months before, though you might have to pay more for that.


    How much you spend on a wedding planner in Delhi can change based on the things I talked about earlier. Generally, you might pay around ₹1 lakh to ₹10 lakh or even more for a planner who does everything.


    Here are some things to ask a possible wedding organiser:

    1. How many weddings have you done in Delhi?
    2. What happens if I need to cancel?
    3. How and when do I have to pay?
    4. How do you pick the people who help with the wedding?
    5. What if there’s an emergency – how can I reach you?

    Getting a wedding coordinator in Delhi comes with various advantages, such as:

    1. Stress relief
    2. Expert advice
    3. Access to vendors
    4. Peace of mind

    Here are some of the popular wedding trends in Delhi:

    1. Destination weddings
    2. Experiential weddings
    3. Sustainable weddings
    4. Personalisation

    In Delhi, wedding planners usually ask for a part of your total budget as their fee. Still, you might talk about paying less if you’re open to different dates, places, or picking from a variety of vendors. Here are some tips to negotiate with a wedding planner.:

    1. Do your research
    2. Be clear about your budget
    3. Be flexible
    4. Be polite and respectful