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  • A fire extinguisher is a piece of safety equipment used to put out fires.
  • This apparatus uses a metal cylinder with a directing nozzle to aim a high-pressure spray of water, chemical substance, or fine powder onto the fire to put it out.
  • Introduction Our company’s major goal is to provide fire safety items at the global level, and we want to offer a comprehensive selection of fire safety equipment.



Our company aims to offer a wide range of Fire safety equipment and the main objective is to provide fire safety products at the global level. Our team of professionals like engineers, quality checkers, installation staff, and many more is trying to achieve the maximum level of customer satisfaction by providing the best products and services 


Our perception is to protect you by providing good-quality safety products  


Why choose us?

1) A one quality packaging :

2) Cost effective 

3) Different modes of payment

4) Delivery within 24 hrs (free delivery, no hidden charges )

5) Ethical business dealing 

6) Fully refillable

7) Easy and safe to use 


Our Services

We offer our clients the most professional and accurate home  

1)Fire Extinguisher Refilling:- A fire extinguisher requires carefulness when it comes to refill we have our experienced staff to execute the process with accuracy without any damage to the product 


2)Warning siren installation:- We have a proper team of experts with maximum industrial experience who know exactly how to carry out the process of siren installation carefully 


3)Fire sprinkler system installation:- the specialists are required to perform the installation process 

4)Smoke detector Installation:- these are sensitive devices while carrying out their installation process our professional team does this work with perfection and they have years of experience


5)Fire Extinguisher Maintenance:– it requires proper maintenance so the  Fire Extinguisher can work properly 


The services and safety products we provide are executed by our professional team for installation maintenance and inspection. we use the latest technology and techniques to carry out the installation process with efficiency and effectiveness  … Hope you will contact us for the installation of fire extinguisher in your home or in your company


Provide after-sales services :- 

1)Free installation 

2)Onsite support 

3)User Manual 

Advantages of Fire Extinguisher Services

  • Fire extinguisher services provide several advantages, including
  • Compliance: Regular maintenance ensures that your fire extinguishers satisfy all safety regulations.
  •  Reliability: In the case of an emergency, routine maintenance guarantees that fire extinguishers will continue to function as intended.
  •  Early Issue Detection: By conducting routine inspections, any problems are identified before they worsen and malfunctions are prevented exactly when you most need the extinguisher.
  • Extended Lifespan: Regular maintenance may increase the life of fire extinguishers and provide long-term cost effectiveness.
  • Effective Reaction: Well-maintained extinguishers are more likely to operate quickly and effectively in the case of a fire.
  • Safety Assurance: Regular maintenance ensures that your fire safety equipment is in excellent operating condition, which enhances workplace or home safety.

Why Fire Extinguisher Services 

  • Comfort: Having your fire extinguishers serviced on a regular basis eases your mind and makes your home safer for everyone within
  • Emergency Readiness: In the case of a fire, well-maintained extinguishers minimize damage and injuries by aiding in an efficient emergency response.
  • Insurance Requirements: Adherence to certain insurance policies may result in the regular upkeep of fire safety equipment, which may have a favorable effect on coverage and prices.

Considerations for Purchasing Fire Extinguishers


Several variables need to be taken into account when buying fire extinguishers in Delhi. The portability and convenience of use of the extinguisher are greatly influenced by its size and weight. To guarantee the extinguisher’s dependability during crises, it’s also critical to look for safety certificates and requirements.


Delhi’s Fire Safety Is Important

The dense population and quick urbanization of Delhi provide serious obstacles to fire safety. Devastating effects, including loss of life and material damage, can ensue from fire mishaps. To reduce these dangers, residents and businesses must be encouraged to practice fire safety knowledge.


The Best Fire Extinguisher to Use Depends on Your Needs

The type of property and any potential fire threats must be considered while choosing the right fire extinguisher. An office setting could need a different extinguisher than a kitchen, for example. Finding the ideal extinguisher for a given situation can be made easier by consulting with fire safety specialists.


Installation and maintenance procedures

For convenient access in emergencies, fire extinguishers must be installed properly.Regular maintenance and inspections are required to ensure that extinguishers are in good operating order and ready to use when needed.


Instruction in the Use of Fire Extinguishers

The ability to utilize a fire extinguisher properly in an emergency requires more than just having one. Fire control can be greatly improved by understanding how to use various extinguishers and how to handle them safely.


#The fundamentals include purchasing a fire extinguisher in Delhi

comprehending how to use it, and getting the necessary instructions. Additionally, the work of firemen and firefighters is crucial for preserving people’s lives and property. We can improve fire safety in the city and make Delhi a safer environment for everyone by working together and adopting fire safety ideas.


The following general rules may need to be followed by fire extinguisher service providers:

1) Licensing and Registration: Local fire departments or other appropriate authorities may require service providers to get the required licenses and registrations.

2) Instruction and Accreditation It is imperative that individuals servicing fire extinguishers has the necessary training and certification to carry out their duties.

3) Adherence to Standards:Verify that every service and product complies with applicable national and international fire safety requirements.

4) Upkeep and Inspection:Maintain fire extinguishers on a regular basis in accordance with relevant regulations and manufacturer guidelines.

5) Recordkeeping:Keep thorough records of all maintenance, repairs, and inspections done on fire extinguishers. These documents may be required in order to qualify.

6) Emergency Response Planning: Create and carry out emergency response plans, which should include how to use fire extinguishers in case of a fire.

7) Customer Communication: Make sure that customers understand the value of routine maintenance for their fire extinguishers and how to spot malfunctioning signals.

8) Quality Assurance: Set up quality assurance methods to ensure that the services provided meet the required requirements.

9)Awareness Programs: Hold awareness events to inform clients about fire safety and how to use extinguishers correctly.

10) Environmental Regulations: Comply with any environmental laws pertaining to the removal of materials or extinguishing agents.

Types of Fire Extinguisher Services Available in Delhi

Like in many other cities, Delhi’s fire extinguisher services include a variety of tasks meant to guarantee that extinguishers are operational and prepared for deployment in the event of a fire emergency. The following are some categories of fire extinguisher services that Delhi may offer:

1) Installation Services: Companies that offer fire extinguisher services may help ensure that fire extinguishers are installed correctly and in key areas of a building. This entails selecting the appropriate extinguisher type for a given fire danger and installing it in accordance with applicable safety regulations.

2) Examination and Assessment: To make sure fire extinguishers are in good operating order, regular inspections are essential. To find problems and fix them quickly, service providers may carry out functional testing and visual inspections

3) Refilling and Maintenance: Fire extinguishers need to have regular maintenance, which includes refilling or recharging. Service providers can carry out these duties to guarantee that extinguishers are prepared for use and contain the proper quantity of extinguishing agent.

4) Hydrostatic Testing: To verify the structural integrity of some fire extinguishers, such as those with pressurized cylinders, hydrostatic testing may be necessary. Usually, this is done in accordance with safety regulations at predetermined intervals

5) Instructional Plans:Providers of fire extinguisher services could conduct training courses to teach staff members in a building the proper usage of extinguishers. This entails using the right methods and being aware of the different kinds of flames that each extinguisher is intended to put out.

6) Emergency Evacuation Plans: Service providers may help create plans for emergencies that call for the deployment of fire extinguishers. This might entail doing exercises and making sure everyone inside knows the routes and protocols for emergency evacuation.

7)Compliance Audits: To make sure a facility complies with all applicable safety standards and fire prevention laws, fire extinguisher service providers may carry out compliance audits.

8) Consulting Firms:giving guidance on fire extinguisher installation, the right kinds for different fire hazards, and general fire safety information.

9) 24/7 Emergency Services: To handle pressing problems involving fire extinguishers or other fire safety equipment, certain service providers could provide 24-hour emergency response services.

10) Reporting and Documentation:keeping thorough records of all services rendered, including testing, maintenance, and inspections. This documentation is required in order to comply.

It is essential to remember that different suppliers may offer these services at different times. To guarantee the security and compliance of their establishments, businesses and organizations in Delhi should work with reliable and qualified fire extinguisher service providers

Why Choose Fire Extinguisher Services in Delhi? 

Selecting Delhi fire extinguisher services is essential for a number of reasons, all of which help to guarantee people and property’s protection during a fire. The following are some strong arguments in favor of hiring Delhi fire extinguisher services:

1) Legal Compliance: Adherence to regional fire safety codes and regulations is required. By hiring fire extinguisher services, you can make sure that your business complies with all legal standards and stay out of trouble with the law.

2) Security of Occupants: Residents can utilize fire extinguishers, which are vital firefighting equipment, to put out minor flames and safely leave. Frequent maintenance reduces the risk to individuals on the property by ensuring that extinguishers are operational when needed.

3) Property Protection: Property is susceptible to significant harm from fire. Maintaining fire extinguishers can assist stop a fire from spreading and lessen the chance of serious property damage.

4) Risk Mitigation: By keeping fire extinguishers inspected and maintained on a regular basis, possible problems can be found and resolved before they become more significant ones. By being proactive, the likelihood of equipment failure during a real fire incident is decreased.

5) Needs for Insurance: Business insurance plans frequently demand adherence to fire safety regulations. Frequent fire extinguisher maintenance assists in fulfilling these obligations, guaranteeing that insurance protection is upheld in the case of a fire-related claim.

6) Emergency Preparedness: Having enough fire extinguishers on hand helps with general emergency readiness. This include establishing a thorough emergency response plan, practicing evacuation exercises, and teaching residents how to use extinguishers correctly.

7) Peace of Mind: Building owners, facility managers, and residents may rest easy knowing that fire extinguishers are kept up to date and working properly. It gives assurance that efficient resources are available to handle a fire situation.

8) Reducing Business Interruptions: A building that has been well prepared and maintains its fire extinguishers will be better able to manage fire emergencies without significantly interfering with company operations. This can reduce lost revenue and downtime.

9) Expert Advice: Depending on the unique requirements and hazards of a facility, fire extinguisher service providers frequently provide expert advice on the choice, positioning, and application of extinguishers. This guarantees that the appropriate gear is installed for maximum safety.

10) Showing Corporate Responsibilities: Taking preventative action to ensure fire safety is an example of corporate responsibility .It reveals a commitment to the health of the community, clients, and employees.



Selecting reliable and authorized suppliers is crucial while looking for fire extinguisher services in Delhi. A thorough fire safety plan greatly benefits from routine maintenance and respect for safety regulations.

 Things to know before booking a Fire Extinguisher Services

Making a reservation for fire extinguisher services is essential to guaranteeing your property’s safety and compliance. Before scheduling fire extinguisher servicing, keep the following points in mind:

1) Adherence to Regulations: Recognize the appropriate national and local fire safety codes and regulations. Verify that the company providing the fire extinguisher services is aware of and abides by these rules.

2) Credentials and Certifications: Make sure the company providing the fire extinguisher service has the required licenses and qualifications. Seek certificates from organizations representing the industry or pertinent authorities, as these attest to their proficiency in offering fire safety services.

3) Background and Standing: Take into account the provider’s reputation and experience in the field. References, reviews, and testimonies from previous customers can offer you an idea of how good their services are.

4) Service Offerings: Examine the provider’s service offering range. Make sure they provide all-inclusive services, such as emergency response planning, installation, inspection, and maintenance.

5) Thorough Inspection Processes: Find out how the provider conducts inspections. Visual inspections, functional testing, and adherence to pertinent standards should all be included in a comprehensive inspection. Find out how they go about spotting and resolving such problems.

6) Maintenance Frequency: Recognize how frequently maintenance and inspections should be performed. Maintenance schedules for various types of fire extinguishers may vary. Verify that the supplier complies with manufacturing guidelines and industry norms.

7) Training Programs: If necessary, find out if the supplier provides training sessions for your employees on how to use fire extinguishers correctly. To respond to a fire emergency effectively, training is necessary.

8) Emergency Response Time: Find out how long it takes for emergency service providers to respond. It’s important to respond quickly in emergency situations, so confirm that the supplier can quickly satisfy the demands of your institution.

9) Expense Clarity: Look for clear price information. Recognize the price tags attached to various services and find out about any potential extra expenses. This lessens the possibility of billing process surprises.

10) Reporting and Documentation:After every service, inquire about the paperwork that was given. The supplier must provide thorough records of all testing, inspections, and maintenance procedures. Proper paperwork is necessary to ensure compliance.

11) Insurance Coverage: Verify the liability insurance of the company providing the fire extinguisher service. In the event that any problems or damages occur while they are providing their services, this coverage may be crucial.

12) Customized Solutions: Find out whether the supplier provides solutions that are tailored to your facility’s unique requirements and hazards. Not every circumstance calls for a one-size-fits-all solution.

You may make an informed choice when reserving fire extinguisher services for your establishment by carefully weighing these variables. In the case of a fire emergency, it’s critical to put safety and compliance first in order to safeguard people and property. 

A Couple Fire Extinguisher Services Tips

  • Regular Inspections: Visually inspect items on a regular basis to look for obvious problems such as damage, tampering, or missing parts.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for scheduled maintenance, which frequently entails more extensive testing and inspections.
  • Professional Servicing: To guarantee adherence to safety regulations, enlist the services of trained specialists for thorough servicing and maintenance
  • Training: Educate staff members or tenants on how to use fire extinguishers correctly and stress the need of reporting any evident damage or problems right away.
  • Location Awareness: Locate fire extinguishers in accordance with fire safety regulations, making ensuring they are well marked, easily accessible, and situated in key areas
  • Record-Keeping: Ensure that you have precise documentation of all inspections, service, and repairs done on fire extinguishers.
  •  Internal Checks: Assist staff members or other authorized individuals in carrying out routine inspections, such as verifying that pressure gauges are in the green zone. 
  • Replacing damaged units is a better idea than trying to fix a fire extinguisher if it is broken or has reached the end of its useful life.
  • Environmental Considerations: Take care while placing extinguishers; keep them away from caustic materials, extremely high or low temperatures, and other potentially harmful compounds.
  • Remain Up to Date: To guarantee compliance and optimal methods for keeping fire extinguishers, be informed about pertinent fire safety legislation and recommendations.

Top 5 Fire Extinguisher Service Providers in Delhi


1)kanex Fire Service Provider In Delhi(Laxmi Nagar )

The protection of people and precious property remains a top priority in the busy Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), where life moves at a constant pace. 


A broad selection of state-of-the-art fire safety solutions, including fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, water mist / CAFS systems, and first-rate fire extinguisher refilling services, are proudly offered by Kanex Fire. 

Our carefully crafted products are made to safeguard and maintain, and they are backed by certificates that attest to our unshakable dedication.


2))Aska Equipments Limited

Aska Equipments Private Limited, formerly known as ASKA Equipments Limited, was founded in 1985 and is the nation’s market leader. We specialize in producing high-quality items for fire protection, rescue operations, lighting solutions, and disaster management. Our dedication extends to users in a variety of industries, including public, private, industrial, infrastructure, mining, and government. Notably, we prioritize assuring the originality and authenticity of our goods, avoiding any hint of imitation.


They are working here in this field since 40 years and 18 + years of specialization 


3)Navair India

Was established in 1982 and located in Barhi, sonipat in the edges of New Delhi A reputable business, NAVAIR, operates all throughout India through sales offices and employees that are dedicated to their jobs.


They  are capable of producing an astounding 300 doors in a single day using  Italian machinery that are completely automated and cutting-edge production facilities.


The fire doors are distinguished by an exquisite finish and superior quality that meets all safety requirements and is effective. 


Our organization has a long history of upholding the principle that, if feasible, expectations should be met and exceeded in order to realize greater goals.


4)Vinayak Fire Services

was founded in 1980 and is a reputable business involved in consulting ,Turnkey projects, suppliers, contractors, repairs, annual maintenance contracts, maintenance, services, training, and services Installation and commissioning of fire extinguishers, automatic life safety systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, and fire hose reel systems Systems for suppressing fires, HFC 227 Systems for suppressing fires


Along with fire extinguisher refilling and maintenance services, they also provide these services to our clients fire extinguisher refilling and maintenance services,also provide  services to our clients


5)Sea MaX fire Engineering works was established in 1980 .They are manufacturer , exporter ,supplier of fire extinguisher in Delhi.A ll types of manual and automated fire extinguishers are included in the fire safety and security equipment.


Fire Security also provides 24-hour fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection services. They are capable to provide innovative different types of innovative products in the market 


They provide after sales support

  • R&D personnel 
  • Quality Control
  • Fire extinguishers


6)IMPACT ™  One of the most renowned brands in the field of fire safety equipment and solutions, IMPACTTM  


A Brand of Impact Fire & Safety Appliances (P) Ltd (IF&S) has been servicing customers in India for more than 15 years. As a pioneer, IMPACTTM has consistently unveiled fresh goods and cutting-edge technology to satisfy fire safety standards throughout industries, corporations, governments, the defense, electricity, and transport sectors in India and overseas.


they goal is to match the global standard for fire safety and protection while also offering dependable, affordable fire safety solutions  

 With its extensive selection of crucial Fire Safety services, MPACTTM has amassed support from more than 50000 customers throughout India. By giving its customers high-quality items and the necessary after-sales services, IF&S shows that it cares about them


IMPACTTM is without a doubt a pioneer in the Indian fire safety sector.


7)Shyama Fire Protection Services

Ignorance can lead to disaster when it comes to fire safety because they can occur anywhere and endanger the lives of anyone working or living there. 


Shyama Fire Protection Services offers high-quality fire safety equipment in Delhi, India to help you improve and maximize your fire safety.

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Common Questions

  • Remove the pin from the extinguisher it will break the seal
  • Aim should be low pointing the nozzle of the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the handle of the cylinder to release the extinguishing agent.
  • until the fire is extinguished, move the sweeping motion from side to side at the fire’s fuel source.

It is considered to be an excellent fire extinguisher if it has a pressure gauge with a green needle. mainly due to the presence of pressure gauges with a red and green part on most fire extinguishers.


A fire extinguisher has multiple uses. It is advised to recharge or refill the fire extinguisher for future usage after use, even if it was for a short period of time. Nevertheless, depending on the type of extinguisher, this refilling procedure can be completed at a licensed fire apparatus dealer.

  •  Remove any deposits left behind by dry chemical fire extinguishers.
  • Clean away any loose particles by vacuuming or sweeping.
  • Through the extinguisher, insert a funnel.
  • Spray warm water diluted with isopropyl alcohol to remove stuck-on residue.
  • Apply a solution of 98 percent hot water and 2 percent vinegar to defuse sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate residue.
  • Even a brand-new fire extinguisher can be certified by a qualified technician.

    • There are three ways to verify the examination of the fire extinguishers.
    • Examine the fire extinguisher to see if there are any physical damage indications, such as rust, leaks, or dents
    • To ensure that the indicator is within the working range, carefully inspect the extinguisher’s pressure gauge
    • Verify that the pull-pin is present.
  • While refilling a fire extinguisher, there are a few measures that one must remember.
  • To restock your fire extinguisher, buy a chemical extinguisher top-up.
  • Make sure you correctly remove the fire extinguisher’s head or dome.
  • Through the extinguisher, insert a funnel.
  • Extinguisher chemicals should be released into the container
  • Twist the head back on after checking the extinguisher’s top rubber seal.
  • Reposition the fire extinguisher.

A safety pin stops an unintentional discharge of the fire extinguisher. You need to grip the ring and pull the safety pin out from the side of the handle when using a safety pin. In order for the extinguisher to discharge, hold the tool such that the nozzle is pointing away from you.


Recyclable fire extinguishers are available. You can ask your neighbourhood fire department if you can dispose of used fire extinguishers at the fire station. In any case, you can go to a hazardous waste disposal site if they won’t accept any old tanks.


Yes, a monthly examination of all fire extinguishers should be done. Additionally, this inspection may be carried out by an employee of the concerned company, such as a Fire Warden. But every six years, a certified technician must thoroughly inspect all portable fire extinguishers, and every 12 years, they must be hydro-tested for structural integrity and refilled.


After submitting an online form, you can decide whether to book now or call.